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The Crimson Team
CrimsonLogic believes ideas thrive on teamwork. Our goal is to excel as one of the world’s leading IT service provider, generating the most efficient solutions for our customers. CrimsonLogic sees and recognises the value of every individual and the critical role each of them plays.
Every Idea Matters
No idea is too small or insignificant in CrimsonLogic. We create stronger and more creative teams through the weaving of our individual talents, distinctive skills and experiences into powerful concepts, initiatives and business programmes.
Inspire and Be Inspired
As important as our customers are, CrimsonLogic is dedicated to developing skills and providing tools, resources and training opportunities that for career development of staffs. We encourage staffs to develop their work and life skills in order to achieve personal as well as career goals.

CrimsonLogic also advocates a healthy lifestyle, close family ties and personal time. We understand the roles that each staff and the company must play to achieve a common understanding for the better good of all.

Unity in Diversity
At CrimsonLogic, our 600 staffs from 14 nationalities of diverse backgrounds and various cultures enjoy harmonious relationships that stem from good attitudes and high job satisfaction.

This also gives every CrimsonLogic staff the benefit of working in a welcoming, supportive and united environment that enables them to contribute their best to CrimsonLogic's success.

Technology with Passion
Ideas come alive at CrimsonLogic. Extensively researching, developing and leveraging on new technologies, CrimsonLogic endeavours to provide sophisticated, integrated and complete solutions, of the highest standards, technical excellence and reliability, to both our government and corporate clients around the world. It is this passion and idealism that makes CrimsonLogic distinctive.