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FAQ - Registration

  • What happens after I submit my application?

    Our customer administration will process your application. For GIRO payment, the bank approval process will take about 3 weeks. Upon receipt of the GIRO approval, our customer admin will call you to confirm on the commencement date of your User ID. You will receive a letter informing you of your Account ID, User ID and Password.

  • What is an Account ID?

    It is a non-secret unique reference assigned to each subscriber.

  • What is a User ID?

    It is a non-secret unique reference, within an account, assigned to enable the user to enjoy the services.

  • What is a Password?

    It is a secret identifier, which grants the respective user access to the application.

  • What is the difference between an Account Administrator and a General User?
    Account Administrator General User
    Possesses a password Possesses a password
    Able to change own password
    (Note: LawNet user administrator is able to reset General User’s password.)
    Only able to change own password
    Able to view all users’ charges Only able to view own charges


FAQ - Training Dept

  • Where do I look for the course schedule and details?

    Please visit the training website or contact the training administrator at (65) 68877888, press “3”.

  • What is the mode of payment for training courses?

    Inter-Bank GIRO deduction is recommended for existing subscribers. For others, cheque payment is recommended.

  • To whom do I make cheque payment?

    Please address all cheque payment to:“CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd”

  • How would I know if my training has been confirmed?

    Confirmation notices will be faxed or emailed to you 3 working-days before the training.

  • How do I request for an invoice before issuing a cheque for the training?

    Please email your request to

  • What do I need to bring along on the day of training?

    Please bring along your confirmation notices.


FAQ - Billing

  • What is the frequency of the invoice?

    Invoice is generated monthly on the last day of the calendar month. It will be available to the customer by the 2nd day of the following month.

  • Will I receive any monthly invoices?

    CrimsonLogic adopts electronic invoicing. As such, no hard copy invoices will be sent to the customer. The designated account administrator can download the monthly invoices by accessing our billing website. Alternatively, the customer may also choose to have the invoices emailed as an attachment to them.

  • How will I know what my usage and charges are?

    Customers may access our billing system at the following URL: to query and download transaction details, payment details and invoices.

  • How long will my transaction details, payment details and invoices be kept in the system?

    All the above information is kept online for 4 months, including the current month. A charge will be levied if the customer request for information that are no longer available online.

  • How can I pay for my charges?

    Our policy is by Direct Debit. For certain applications, payment by advance deposit and credit card are available. Do note that for advance deposit, customer is required to maintain a minimum deposit amount.

    • For payment by Direct Debit:

      Every week, instruction will be sent to the customer bank to deduct on Tuesday; the total amount for transactions incurred from last Monday to Sunday. Status of collection will only be returned by the bank to us on Thursday (unsuccessful) and Saturday (successful). If the transaction is unsuccessful, the amount will be added and sent out in the following week's collection. In addition, the customer will receive a fax letter from us if the direct debit collection is unsuccessful. There will be a surcharge levied on outstanding balances. For customer using HDB Resalenet, the amount due to HDB will be deducted daily by HDB.

    • For payment by Advance Deposit:

      Every week, the system will withdraw from the available deposit balance on Sunday; the total amount for transactions incurred from last Monday to Sunday. Customer will receive a fax letter from us bi-monthly if they are required to top up their deposit. There will be a surcharge levied on outstanding balances. The account administrator will have access to the ‘Deposit Enquiry’ option, which will show the movement of their monthly deposit balance.

    • For payment by Credit Card:

      Transactions will be sent to the card centre daily. There will be a surcharge levied on outstanding balances.

  • When will my monthly subscription charges be deducted?

    Monthly subscriptions are billed on the last day of the month. If the customer deregisters during the month, subscriptions will cut on the deregistered date. The deduction of the monthly subscription will vary, depending on the payment mode of the customer; please refer to question 5.