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The shift towards a global digital economy is driving dramatic changes in government operations. Citizens now expect government agencies to modernise and transform their processes and improve service deliveries to bring them end-to-end eServices that are more convenient and accessible.

For the agencies, legacy processes and systems are often a constraint, hindering online government implementation. As a regulator of government policies and services, embracing information technology to transform their eServices is often a daunting task for many agencies.

CrimsonLogic has extensive experience in building and operating effective citizen eServices management systems. Our track record comprises tested and proven solutions and operational models.

We work with agencies to create a single point of contact for citizens to engage an array of government services. By improving the response time for service requests, citizen satisfaction is enhanced. This also increases agencies’ efficiency, improves cross-agency communication and reduces costs.

We have in-depth experience and knowledge in developing and operating eGovernment services based on innovative business models, such as Public-Private Partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer or other hybrid arrangements. The choice of appropriate operational and financial models is critical to ensure the success and sustainability of any eGovernment services. 

Track Record

SingPass, Singapore
CrimsonLogic was appointed by the Singapore Government in 2006 to implement and operate SingPass (Singapore Personal Access), serving more than 2.7 million Singapore citizens and eligible users. SingPass is a unique online password for users to conveniently access and safely transact with approximately 260 eServices provided by over 58 Singapore government agencies. With SingPass, users only need to remember one password to access different agencies’ eServices. Users can also reset their password online conveniently anytime.
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eDivisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka
With 20 million citizens to be served in more than 300 eDivisional Districts, the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs of Sri Lanka worked with CrimsonLogic to develop a “single window” application that provides electronic government services efficiently through a one-stop hub. This serves to improve the delivery and access to government online services across the different sectors in Sri Lanka.
Citizen Data Vault, State of Uttarakhand, India
With over 8.5 million citizen data stored in fragmented systems in heterogeneous environments across 77 different government agencies, the Government in the State of Uttarakhand faced a huge task to implement timely social services to needy citizens effectively within the state. CrimsonLogic was appointed to help develop a comprehensive, robust and scalable Citizen Data Vault (CDV) that linked the citizen data storage of these government agencies, giving the Government better visiblity, management and control over the data. This enables the government agencies to implement social and general services more effectively and improve the quality of governance.