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Government agencies are under tremendous pressure to provide responsive services to citizens while meeting stringent compliance requirements. To meet these goals, agencies are always seeking ways to become more efficient, through optimising administration and streamlining processes,

CrimsonLogic has a track record of implementing provident and tax solutions for governments worldwide. We have helped agencies increase tax compliance, improve revenue collection, reduce cost of revenue collection, enhance citizen eServices and security and financial accountability.

For over 20 years, CrimsonLogic has been working with government agencies in undertaking initiatives to increase tax yield, improve customer service, streamline operations and modernise legacy systems. We have demonstrated experience in delivering large-scale tax and revenue management solutions that produce measurable results, while responding to agencies’ changing needs.

We have in-depth experience and knowledge in developing and operating eGovernment services based on innovative business models, such as Public-Private Partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer or other hybrid arrangements. The choice of appropriate operational and financial models is critical to ensure the success and sustainability of any eGovernment services.

Track Record

Provident & Tax
Provident & Tax (PAT) is an online service developed by CrimsonLogic for the Singapore Government, enabling prompt and easy submission of tax contributions and employee salary data. Launched in 2004, PAT is the only web-based solution in Singapore that can run both types of transactions on one convenient website. It brings greater efficiency to businesses and makes it easier for businesses to transact with the Government with a single point of entry for different functions.
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eStamping is the world’s first web-based application for electronic stamping of documents relating to the purchase, lease and mortgage of immovable properties, and the transfer of stocks and shares. Prior to the introduction of eStamping, lawyers and property agents had to physically visit the tax office to get these documents officially stamped. Today, users of eStamping enjoy an estimated annual savings of S$5-7 million in transaction costs.