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ONE @ CRIMSON is our unique organisation development ecosystem that delivers a holistic approach to supporting employees not only at work, but also in their personal interests. There are nine pillars that make up ONE @ CRIMSON. Each pillar is carefully thought through and calibrated, so that it does not simply become another activity but a cornerstone of every employee’s growth in all aspects – professional, social, leadership and personal development.

Making CrimsonLogic a Great Place to Work

Engage, Enable, Enrich


We love appreciation. Show appreciation to your colleagues and vice versa. Points will be granted for every appreciation received. Exchange for vouchers or look out for discounts in the app. Don’t forget to download the app!

NSmen Incentive

We support our NSmen for serving the country. Be proud and share your IPPT results with us!


Our global offices provide opportunities for the global trotter to have adventures while travelling for work.

Crimson Heroes

We believe recognition should be given to employees by identifying the unsung heroes as Crimson Heroes.

Work Life Harmony

Our well-being programme ensures all employees have a healthy and active life.

Volunteer Leave

We believe in giving back to the society. Give us a shout-out if you do volunteer work and we’ll give you a day off for it.

Learning Journey

People are our most valuable asset. We invest significantly in staff training and development.


We support mummies who return back to the workforce after their maternity leave with a Mums@Work nursing room.

Long Service Award

To recognise commitment, we award employees for completing each five-year milestone with the company. 

Interns and Graduates

The road to success begins here.

Working Professionals

Shaping the future together.

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