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As an exceptional working professional, your experience will be an asset to our team of innovators and problem-solvers. Expect to broaden your horizons through working across public and private sector projects.

At CrimsonLogic, we believe in investing in a valuable resource – you. Our robust development plan and career roadmap can take you on an enriching global journey. Join us to discover a realm of opportunities and experiences.

We engage 
with our employees

You will be heard. Our workplace practices an open-door policy that bridges communication between all employees and our Senior Management Committee. Everyone gets to interact with top management through small and large settings. Our offices also encourage collaborations and feature open-concept workstations, conducive meeting areas and amenities such as pantry and gym.

We enable our employees

You are worth investing in. We are committed to all-rounded employee development and have a structured learning approach in place. Guided by our Competency Framework, your development is served by our Learning Academy, which focuses on three core competencies: technology, functional and people skills.

We enrich our employees 

It’s important to have fun too! Our people often come together after work to bond over social activities, sports and wellness initiatives or volunteering programmes that make their lives richer and deeper.

Our Journey with CrimsonLogic

I am grateful for the opportunities provided by GeTS, especially in the area of my personal growth as a leader. I am constantly challenged to learn new possibilities in solving a problem and understanding what I know may not be the best. Through the assistance and experience from my co-workers, we can put our shared knowledge to solve issues and to breathe new life into the XBS Platform to make it more viable and able to cater for higher transactions volume.

Shaun Lee Shunhua

Assistant Manager


My eight years with CrimsonLogic has been an amazing experience with meaningful challenges. I started my journey as a Software Engineer and had since been guided into different roles, such as Project Coordinator, Technical Lead, Project Lead and Technical Consultant. The most satisfying experience is to design and implement a project that creates a positive impact to countries such as Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Peru. Currently as a Senior Lead Consultant, I work closely with some of the most talented and friendly colleagues and I am proud to be part of this highly motivated team.

D Siva Sreenivasa Rao


Senior Lead Consultant (Business Systems)


CrimsonLogic was the first company I joined after my graduation and it has since been a fruitful journey in the last three years. I have gained a lot of valuable experience, technical knowledge, as well as people skills when working with our clients in Namibia and Saint Lucia. I truly appreciate the various opportunities given by the company to enable me to be a better Software Engineer and more.

Ting Xian Jin

Senior Software Engineer


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