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As an exceptional working professional, your experience will be an asset to our team of innovators and problem-solvers. Expect to broaden your horizons through working across public and private sector projects.

At CrimsonLogic, we believe in investing in a valuable resource – you. Our robust development plan and career roadmap can take you on an enriching global journey. Join us to discover a realm of opportunities and experiences.

We engage 
with our employees

You will be heard. Our workplace practices an open-door policy that bridges communication between all employees and our Senior Management Committee. Everyone gets to interact with top management through small and large settings. Our offices also encourage collaborations and feature open-concept workstations, conducive meeting areas and amenities such as pantry and gym.

We enable our employees

You are worth investing in. We are committed to all-rounded employee development and have a structured learning approach in place. Guided by our Competency Framework, your development is served by our Learning Academy, which focuses on three core competencies: technology, functional and people skills.

We enrich our employees 

It’s important to have fun too! Our people often come together after work to bond over social activities, sports and wellness initiatives or volunteering programmes that make their lives richer and deeper.

Our Journey with CrimsonLogic

I joined CrimsonLogic in 1995 (the then SNS) and I was privileged to be given many opportunities to work on different varied roles.


As part of the management team, I get to witness through the process of winning bids, to the successful delivery of multi-million, mission-critical systems that contributes to the growth of the company.


Delivering large scale nation-wide project is never a smooth-sailing process, as we often must strive through diverse challenges - be it cultural differences, partner and stakeholder interests, political climate changes or even time zone variance. However, it gives me great satisfaction to deliver solution which positively impact people’s life.


It had been an enriching journey for me and an honor to be part of this family.

Rachael Khor

Vice President (Solution Delivery Group)


The last twenty years in CrimsonLogic has been an enriching and a fulfilling journey for me.


I have experience many “firsts” during the course of my career here. Having successfully managed various projects, I was tasked to set up and head the first software development centre in India. Thereafter, I led the Judiciary pre-sales unit; securing the eLitigation project from the Singapore judiciary.


In 2008, I was selected to embark on an assignment to the Caribbean; an uncharted territory for any Singapore company at that time, to secure our first Single Window project in Trinidad and Tobago. Now as the Senior Regional Director, I am now responsible for the business growth in Latin America and the Caribbean region.


I have enjoyed the challenges, and proud that I am able to build up a capable team of potential leaders to manage the business growth of this region.

Naveen Chidanand Bhat

Senior Regional Director


In 2012, I joined CrimsonLogic as a Software Engineer, and my role was applications and database support.


From my first day at work, I felt the companionship of my team, working and supporting one another like a family. Such support and environment had helped me to expand and develop my personal and technical skills. With the help of my managers, I have had the privilege to be involved in project management. I was able to leverage on my skills and knowledge in overseas projects such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


As I continue my career with the company, I found a new passion in managing knowledge and people skills to better help our customers be successful.

Florencio Antonio Vasquez Guerrero

Assistant Project Manager (RHQ Americas)


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