Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving the Community

Making an Impact in Our Communities

CrimsonLogic’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme promotes volunteerism, cultivates employees’ interest in contributing to communities and integrates corporate giving with our business commitments. Corporate giving enhances employee bonding and cohesiveness towards a positive company culture.

For the Long-Term

Our CSR efforts are highly focused on providing sustainable change in specific non-profit organisations for at least three to five years. When mapping our programmes for the year, we chart a clear direction with proper planning in resources and budget.

Local Initiatives

CrimsonLogic partners with the People’s Association and South West Community Development Council to strengthen the local community. We constantly explore new opportunities together to better serve those in need.

For Youths:

FUN with IT Programme

We organise a one-day programme for the youths to learn basic concepts of programming and coding. Leveraging skills-based volunteerism, our volunteers share their knowledge and skills to groom and guide the next-generation of IT leaders – this is part of our long-term goal to strengthen Singapore’s current pool of IT professionals.

For Seniors:

Learn IT, Live IT! Digital Workshop

We organise digital workshops for seniors on using mobile phones and apps, empowering them to bridge the technology gap and stay connected. Our employees volunteer to befriend and assist the seniors in various tasks such as setting up a Wi-Fi connection, managing phone settings and surfing the Internet.

For Schools:

A Small Change Makes a Difference

We organise the A Small Change Makes a Difference programme in schools to promote positive saving habits and a sense of giving back to the community. The monies collected are donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

For Children:

Wishing for 100 Smiles

Wishing for 100 Smiles provides employees with the opportunity to sponsor a child's wish and share in the joy of granting it. This is another  initiative in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.