Cyber Security

Multiple protection layers, effective defence

Our Cyber Security services address distinct security issues at different stages of the information security lifecycle. We offer security posture review, security assessment, best-of-class detection, monitoring and cyber threat intelligence analysis to enhance resilience against the highly fluid cyber security landscape.

Our Suite of Services

Strategic Review

  • Review business processes, analyse security plans and conduct on-site user engagement to identify gaps.

  • Provide recommendations on heightening security measures tailored to each organisation based on business and operational needs.

Security Posture Assessment

  • Identify system vulnerabilities in network services and servers through Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment.

  • Provide Web Application Penetration Testing to detect vulnerabilities in web applications.

Managed Security Services

  • Streamline organisation’s business by outsourcing security management to CrimsonLogic, including security intelligence, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and threat detection. 

  • Offer significant cost savings as there is no need for organisations to invest on expensive resources such as security tools and a team of security personnel.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Furnish threat intelligence data to clients on latest or potential attacks to enable proactive defense against external threats.

  • Aggregate, correlate and analyze threat data from multiple sources and provide notification upon risks or when potential threats are detected.

Be ever-ready

Many organisations experience cyber-attacks of varying degrees. However, not all are aware of ongoing exploits until breaches such as data leakage are detected. Customer trust is affected. Our cyber security services offer continuous monitoring and updated views of an organisation’s digital security status. Response teams are alerted immediately when threats are detected. 

Building an infrastructure of trust

With a strong expertise in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consultancy and implementation, we are globally trusted by numerous governments and organisations worldwide. We have in-depth experience in developing critical infrastructure that support PKI, such as Certificate of Authority, Registration Authority and other Key Recovery options. 

Fortifying digital governments and organisations

Digital governments and organisations have critical systems and confidential information that needs protecting. Rapidly-changing technologies and threat landscapes also challenge today’s secured systems. We equip governments and organisations with the capabilities to analyse attack symptoms, enabling early detection and mitigating malicious attacks, so that systems can remain secured and robust.