Digital Government

Our integrated suite of Digital Government products and services – known as Coherence – supports governments to drive digital transformation through excellent public service delivery. With Coherence, governments create pro-business and pro-citizen environments, where engagements are strengthened with technology.

Products & Services Offered by Coherence


Municipal Services

  • Allows citizens to easily submit and manage their applications in a range of municipal services.
  • Covers all the essential services that citizens need, such as the registration of birth or renewal of driving licences.


Business Services

  • Allows businesses to manage their applications – including business registration and licensing.
  • Digitalised, automated and streamlined processes make it easier for governments and businesses to work with each other.



  • A suite of apps that enables governments to proactively engage with businesses and citizens.
  • Offers timely information and services to businesses and citizens, where the digital experience is seamless and dynamic.

Accelerating Digital Government Transformation

Coherence can shorten the deployment period and reduce the time needed to launch a service. Governments worldwide can quickly enhance their technological readiness and transform communities with digital towards better lives.

Citizen and Business Satisfaction

The value of Digital Government includes greater convenience and efficiency with government-related processes. Ultimately, good Digital Government places citizens and businesses at the centre and focuses on meeting their needs. Coherence can help governments achieve this mission.

More Intra-Government Collaboration 

Apart from value-adding to citizen- and business-centric public service delivery, Coherence also facilitates streamlined services and data-sharing among government agencies. As citizen and business needs get more complex, it has become critical for agencies to work together and address issues with multi-dimensional perspectives.