Document Security

Our Document Security product – known as Phidélity – protects an organisation’s hardcopies from counterfeit, forgery and information leakage. The Phidélity product suite enables powerful and flexible secure printing solutions and integrates seamlessly with existing document generation applications and printing ecosystems.

Security Features


Guards authenticity of a document against replication and imitation

  • Optical Watermark: An anti-copy feature embedded in the printed document to reveal unauthorized attempts to copy the document.
  • Transactional Micro-Print: A string of dynamically generated fine print that will appear distorted on a photocopy.
  • Deliberate Error: Document owners can include errors at random locations which a counterfeiter may overlook while forging the document.
  • Print Control: This feature limits the number of copies that can be printed by an authorised user.


Ensure integrity of a document

  • SecureCODE: A standard 2D barcode that uses Public Key Infrastructure security to protect against document forgery and can be verified via various channels.
  • CryptoMark: A lens-based anti-forgery feature that visually encrypts text.


Prevent information leakage

  • ID-Trace: An invisible identifier is inserted into the document to protect it against leakage.
  • Page Serialisation: A unique serial number is assigned to each page of the document for traceability.

Credible and secure

Our multi-layered features ensure and safeguard the authenticity of hardcopies on various levels.

Quick and convenient access, easy to use

Documents can be verified through a wide range of online and offline platforms such as mobile apps, web services and different desktop applications. Our security features are also on-demand – and are dynamically generated using document-specific data. They are so easy to use that it requires minimal change in user behaviour.

Cost savings

No special equipment or paper are needed. Our products can be integrated effortlessly with existing document and printing systems.

DocCipher is an award-winning security solution that safeguards digital documents against forgery, counterfeiting, and information leakage. DocCipher adopts a comprehensive three-pronged approach of security, protection and control to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your digital documents.