Our suite of legal products and services – known as Chrysalis – enables governments to transform the legal sector into a digitally advanced landscape, enhancing a country’s reputation to better deliver justice to people and businesses. With Chrysalis, governments can build transparent legal communities, which form the foundation of a nation’s success.

Key Highlights

Case Filing

A community-centric legal services portal enhances interactions, promoting greater efficiency and convenience for judiciaries.

Case Management

End-to-end management of a case’s lifecycle is supported: from initiation and tracking to post-judgment activities.

Practice Management

A set of tools enabling practitioners towards more effective legal matter management.


Documents can be conveniently notarised to save clients’ time and cost.

Arbitration and Mediation

End-to-end arbitration and mediation processes are supported.

Greater access to justice

Chrysalis streamlines workflow and manual processes, channeling all legal content and evidences into a single centralised repository to save time, effort and resources. Users can access a vast online repository of legal information and search across multiple repositories with ease.

Collaborative and highly accessible interactions

Chrysalis enhances interactions and collaboration among the legal community and their clients. We allow judiciaries and legal practitioners to manage and administer legal processes and cases efficiently, where they can better engage with stakeholders, including enforcement agencies. Collaboration with various stakeholders is also enriched through multiple services and legal information via a single platform.

Proven effectiveness

We enable transparency and effectiveness of the entire legal sector to uphold the quality of justice. Chrysalis has been built on industry best practices – with capabilities deepened through years of implementation. We developed the award-winning e-Filing system in Singapore, which has been recognised as the World’s First Nationwide Paperless Civil Court System in 2000*. Our solutions are implemented in multiple countries such as Kazakhstan, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

*By the Journal of the Queensland Law Society