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Bala oversees the full spectrum of CrimsonLogic’s business and operations in North and South America. Based in CrimsonLogic’s Latin America Region in Panama, he is responsible for managing customer & partner relations, drive new business opportunities, revenue goals and strengthen strategic accounts. He is also part of CrimsonLogic’s Senior Management Committee.

Prior to joining CrimsonLogic, Bala was Director for International Operations (Americas) of International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), Singapore’s national trade development agency. He was based in Washington DC from 2000-2006, managing IE Singapore’s regional operations and assisting Singapore companies in their business and market development in North and South America.

Concurrently, Bala was also Counsellor (Economics) supporting the Singapore Embassy in Washington DC and the Ministry of Trade and Industry in managing Singapore’s trade policy and economic relations with the United States. He was part of the Singapore team involved in negotiating the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Bala was also involved in the initiation of the Free Trade Agreement negotiations between Singapore and Panama.

Bala joined IE Singapore in 1984 and started his career in trade policy work. Subsequently, he moved to international operations work as Deputy Director, where he covered Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and South East Asia. He was later appointed the Vice-President of IE Singapore Holdings (formerly TDB Holdings) and was responsible for the operations as well as exploring new business opportunities for the company and its subsidiaries. Concurrently, he was also Director of Planning where he led the team that mapped out the Trade 2000 Master plan for Singapore’s international trade.

Bala contributed to the 1986 Singapore Economic Committee and the 1997 Committee on Singapore’s Competiveness (CSC) as Head of the multi-agency secretariat to the Hub Services Sub-Committee. He was also the Head of the Secretariat of ASEAN Committee on Trade and Tourism between 1986 and 1989. Bala was awarded the Public Adminstration Medal (Silver) in the National Day awards in 1999.

Bala graduated with an Honours degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore and also holds a Master Degree from the Imperial College of Science in London.

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