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Court Technology – AI Now and Beyond
Digital Government
Artificial intelligence impacts our daily lives in a myriad of both exciting and mundane ways. As you unlock your mobile phone using facial recognition, scroll through your recommended social media feed or check your spam-filtered email inbox, all these instances are just some of your daily touchpoints with AI. Given the prevalence of AI, it is not surprising that many AI applications have also found their way into courtrooms around the world.
Single Window: The New Era of Paperless Trade
Trade Government
In today's fast-paced and interconnected world of global trade, businesses and governments alike seek efficient solutions to navigate the complexities of international commerce. One such innovative solution that has revolutionized the trade landscape is the concept of "Single Window”, a platform that streamlines trade processes, making it digital and paperless.
Why It’s High Time for Organizations to Practise Digital Document Security
Your organisation is likely working a lot more with digital documents now than before. Navigating the digital world, like sailing on a vast ocean with lurking pirates, isn’t always safe. Inevitably, implementing digital document security will be any organisation’s priority.
People-Centric Digital Public Services for the Post-Pandemic World
Digital Government
In response to the pandemic, organizations globally have greatly accelerated their adoption of technology. What makes this transformation truly worthy of the history books is the speed at which it is happening.A McKinsey global survey of executives found that in order to confront Covid-19, organizations have implemented advanced technologies – in their business decision-making and operations – 25 times faster than expected.The survey also notes that during the pandemic, in order to effectively meet needs, organizations expedited the digitalization of customer interactions by up to four years; and accelerated the share of digital products in their portfolios by up to seven years.
Governments and Covid-19: The Race to Digitalization
Digital Government
Covid-19 has drastically upended our way of life and how we work. It has been more than a year into the pandemic. Some vaccine trials have produced promising results, boosting hopes that we are turning a corner on this global crisis. In the meantime, consumer behaviours and business practices have moved online in order to adapt. E-commerce is booming and remote working, once more uncommon in the past, has become the new normal. Governments around the world have also followed suit to digitalise. Countries such as Germany, India and Singapore have adopted video conferencing tools for virtual court hearings. Elsewhere in the world, virtual inspections are now being conducted by building inspectors in United States and by customs officials in China. These changes in government processes are expected to be long-lasting while the pandemic is ongoing.
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