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Digital Services

One-stop platform to deliver digital services

A versatile platform which delivers digital services for citizens and businesses across private and public sectors.

Digital Services Platform
Accelerated services,
To citizens and businesses

Our platform digitalizes and streamlines business processes for maximum efficiency. It delivers the following services:

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Civic services

We simplify the management of civic services, such as birth and marriage registrations and citizenship applications, by enabling citizens to access information, provide feedback, participate in surveys and more.

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Regulatory services

We automate processes to help governments manage regulatory services like business registration, licensing, permits and land registration by streamlining the entire process from application to approval.

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Social welfare services

We streamline processes to enable governments to manage citizens’ welfare services (such as financial assistance), by automating eligibility evaluation, subsidy allocation, disbursement and communication with citizens.

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Investment services

Businesses can access a one-stop portal to obtain information on investment opportunities within the country, access their portfolio, monitor and track investments and communicate with the government.

User-driven features,
For a better user experience
Configuration tools

Enable users to manage automation by configuring forms and workflows.

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  1. 360 ̊ view
    We provide a 360-degree view that presents information at a glance, so users know what to do. Thumbnail 6
  2. AI-powered recommendations
    We use AI to provide decision-making recommendations. Thumbnail 7
  3. Centralized payment system
    Facilitates secure payment processes, supporting online and offline payment methods with various service providers. Thumbnail 8
  4. Digital signature
    Users can enjoy convenience with our digital signature feature for documents. Thumbnail 9
  5. Multilingual support
    Our solution can be localised to the linguistic needs of each government and business. Thumbnail 10
  6. Shopping cart design
    Enable users to consolidate multiple tasks into a shopping cart for a single processing. Thumbnail image
Enhance business processes,
Through digital services


Less manual work

Automation reduces manual labor, paperwork and human error. Improve efficiency and accuracy.


Data security assurance

We ensure data security through authentication, authorisation, encryption, and auditing.


Enhance collaboration

We simplify processes by facilitating data sharing and coordination across organizations.


Scalability for the future

We support both on-cloud deployment and on-premise installation. It is also flexible to adapt to changing business needs.

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