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Digital Document Security

Secure your digital documents

Keep your digital documents safe from threats and compromise with our award-winning solutions.

CrimsonLogic Digital Document Security
Assured protection of your digital documents
With our multi-pronged approach
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Easy-to-use solution,
With powerful features
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Secret key encryption

Prevent unauthorized access and modification with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit keys and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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Audit trail

All actions performed on your documents are tracked to identify possible data breaches.

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Anti-forgery features embedded to protect the integrity and authenticity of documents.

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Anti-counterfeit barriers

A multitude of anti-copy barriers (e.g. optical watermarks) are discreetly embedded, making it hard to illegitimately reproduce.

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Document rights management

Recipients can be prevented from unauthorized redistribution, content copying, printing or screen-capturing documents.

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Document access and validity controls

Your documents can be set to expire, remotely revoked or automatically deleted. Once document access is invalid, they can no longer be accessed.

Made simple
Enjoy flexibility

Our product is cloud-ready, which lets you scale up as your business grows. Alternatively, our on-premise solution gives you greater security and control.

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Enjoy convenience

One-stop solution for organizations to easily adapt to their digital transformation plans. We offer a web-based interactive dashboard to track and manage all document generation and issuance.

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Enjoy peace of mind

Awarded the 2021 Gold Globee® for New Product of the Year in the IT Software category. Developed by an award-winning document security solution trusted by global clients for over 20 years.

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We’re leaders
In document security
Globee Award

Globee IT World Awards

2021 Gold Globee Winner of New Product/Service of the Year (IT Software).

Cyber Security Award

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

2022 Gold Winner of Cybersecurity Product/Service (Digital Document Security).

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