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A comprehensive range of 
Benefits & wellness initiatives
Fair and Competitive Compensation

We believe in paying our employees right so that they can focus on doing their job well. We provide all employees with all-rounded packages to support their overall well-being and development.


Our employees’ well-being is at the heart of our Benefits Program. In addition to health care benefits and personal time-off, our Employee Assistance Program also provides avenues to support mental health well-being.

Global Opportunities

Our global presence allows us to provide employees' with a truly international exposure through short-term overseas assignments and learning opportunities or even longer-term relocation opportunities.

Learning and Development

We invest significantly in training and development to provide employees with opportunities to stretch and develop their skills, fostering personal and professional growth through various e-learning platforms and annual e-learning credits.

Awards and Appreciation

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our Staff Recognition programs and culture of gratitude and appreciation celebrate outstanding dedication and contributions to the company as well as our employees' support for one another.


By adopting the FISH! Philosophy, we create a culture of Trust, Teamwork and Engagement by injecting the element of Fun into the workplace through quarterly team bonding activities and ad-hoc recreational events.

CSR & Sustainability

We believe in sustainability, taking care of our environment, giving back to society and supporting the less privileged. All employees are entitled to Volunteer Leave to support charities or communities of their choice. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

We value work-life integration, offering hybrid and flexible work arrangements which cater to individual needs and working parents respectively, empowering our employees for holistic success.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI)

Inclusivity is our foundation. We’re dedicated to advancing equality through diversity of thought, culture, and background, fostering a welcoming community for all. 

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