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Integrated Risk Management

Revolutionizing risk management solutions.

Comprehensive risk coverage from pre- to post-cargo arrival processes, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

CrimsonLogic Integrated Risk Management
Advanced risk management
Take risk management to the next level

Utilizes cutting edge technologies to provide comprehensive coverage of risk elements from multiple angles.

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Network analytics

Identifies associations with blacklisted individuals, entities or locations.

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Predictive analytics

Identifies correlations or similarities with previous shipments that were mis-declared or fraudulent.

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Anomaly detection

Uses clustering & outlier analysis to identify unusual & out-of-norm transactions.

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Text analytics

Uses text mining of open-source data to flag shipments on areas of risk.

Vessel risk analytics
Maritime intelligence like no other

Provides real-time overview of vessels, incorporating security threats, risks, and regulatory zones.

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Automated Information System (AIS)

Leveraging on an Automated Information System (AIS) , a satellite & terrestrial tracking technology, to continuously detect and monitor suspicious vessels behaviour outside port activities.

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Geo-Fencing System

Utilizes geofencing for specific areas, to configure alerts and track vessels entering or exiting the geofenced areas. Geofencing enables playback and analysis of tracked data.

Valuation data as a service
We’re big on data accuracy

A crucial tool in mitigating common risk factors like Under Valuation and Wrong Classification of goods. It assists Customs in their valuation by providing a global catalogue with updated & accurate value of goods of all products & HS Codes sourced from the opensource/internet​.

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Pay-per-use service

Cost-effective pay-as-you-go service.

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Trusted & comprehensive

Trusted user-friendly product valuation catalogue with comprehensive data, regularly updated.

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Time savings

Validated pricing information from a single source when assessing declared items.

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Easy integration

Compatible with our Trade Facilitation Platform and any existing Customs or Risk Management Systems.

A state-of-the-art risk infrastructure

Utilizes a comprehensive horizontal and vertical risk scoring approach that covers the entire supply chain and clearance process.

For governments
Holistic & comprehensive risk assessment


Configurable filters, risk profiles & risk thresholds

This combination provides authorities with a holistic risk assessment for each shipment to identify those that requires further security assessments, checks and inspections.


Automated processes

Support Customs in monitoring shipments by deriving insights from risk assessment outcomes and large volumes of seemingly unrelated data.

For trade community
Efficient compliance & cargo processes


Improve compliance

Improves overall compliance of the trade community and provides a foundation from which further beneficial initiatives such as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) certification are launched.


Optimize costs and processing time

Optimizes overall costs and cargo processing time by minimizing unnecessary physical inspections.

In good hands
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We're proven.

Tried-&-tested expertise in eCommerce gateways & shipments to North America.

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We’re advanced.

On the cutting edge of customs platforms & technology for seamless systems integration & solutions.

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We’re agile.

Flexible deployment model and architecture. Choose between SaaS and Licenses usage.

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We’re aligned.

To international standards & WCO recommendations as we incorporate eCommerce best practices.

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