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CrimsonLogic supports your path forward by fostering a culture of mentorship and providing a full cycle of career support, along with training in a dynamic and global workplace.


Support your well-being

We tailor our compensation and benefits to support you. We’re always improving our offerings to match your needs —ensuring you have complete health, financial, and quality-of-life support.

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Thrive in a fair, inclusive and positive environment

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Our Values 
At the heart of everything we do.

we are ONE.

At CrimsonLogic, we stand together as one united front, driven by a shared vision. Our commitment lies in the success of our customers, for their achievements reflect our own triumphs.

Our FISH culture

At CrimsonLogic, we believe that our organizational culture plays a vital role in creating a common identity and a sense of shared purpose across the global CrimsonLogic community. Rooted in The FISH and FISH+ principles, our corporate culture shapes our conduct and defines our work environment. As a part of the PSA Group, we embrace PSA’s FISH and FISH+ principles.

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CrimsonLogic roles

Software Engineering Roles

Our technology team is building the foundation of tomorrow's digital landscape and driving positive change across industries and communities.

CrimsonLogic roles

Products Roles

We create products that make a real impact in the lives of our customers. Together, we are on a mission to revolutionize industries and the way people interact with technology.

CrimsonLogic roles

Corporate Roles

We play a crucial role in supporting the organization's operations, strategy, and culture, so our teams can focus on delivering exceptional products and services.

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