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Digital Case Management

Digitally connecting citizens with lawyers

Expand citizens’ access to legal services while enabling the legal community greater case management efficiency and customer reach.

Practice Management System
One-stop legal matching portal
Enabling the public

Search for the most relevant information, engage lawyers, consult them, and more.


Find lawyers faster

Search, identify and engage with the right lawyers anytime and anywhere, at one’s fingertips.


Free up valuable time

Eliminate face-to-face meetings with lawyers save travelling time and annual leave.


Easy appointment scheduling

Book appointments with lawyers seamlessly and easily.


Real-time consultations

Ensure quick communication between the public and lawyers, especially when it’s urgent.

One-stop legal matching portal
Enabling legal professionals

Expand customer reach, raise customer satisfaction, organize cases better, and more.


Expand customer reach

Increase visibility among a wider audience and acquire more customers.


Raise customer satisfaction

Delight customers with prompt responses.


Better case organisation

Keep organised records of all conversations and documents by tagging them to each customer.


Ensure greater compliance

Improve compliance of Practice Guidelines, with features like “Conflict Search” and “Know Your Competitors”.


Payment made conveniently

Administer integrated billing and ePayments.


Submission made easily

Facilitate easy submission of document to judiciary systems.

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Over 30 years of domain expertise

We continually upgrade our solutions with our deep understanding of end users and processes.

Legal system of choice for governments worldwide

We continue to transform legal systems globally with secure and advanced technology.

Pioneer in digital judiciary solutions

We digitalized Singapore's judiciary systems, one of the world's first.

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