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Cross Border eCommerce

eCommerce clearances, now digitalized.

A fully-integrated digital eCommerce shipment clearance for Customs, OGAs and Businesses.

CrimsonLogic Cross Border eCommerce
Integrate eCommerce
Into your systems
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Increased control

Get increased visibility of eCommerce trader profiles, cargo clearances and submissions. Customs & OGAs can ensure governance and manage risk to protect end-consumers.

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Improved connectivity

Collaborate with eCommerce partners to capture new values at G2G, G2B & B2B levels. Stay connected to strengthen your trade ecosystem’s resiliency and competitiveness.

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Increased competitiveness

Get access in best-in-class digital eCommerce clearance solution. Be on the cutting-edge, stay competitive by enabling / supporting eCommerce businesses.

Stay ahead of the eCommerce curve

Future-proof and integrate your customs clearance systems for eCommerce.

For governments
Accurate duties & taxes, and smooth clearances
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Fast clearance

Seamless integrations facilitate early data acquisition and risk assessment ensuring smooth clearances.

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Scalable solution

Using advanced, cutting-edge technology for system platform and seamless integration.

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Greater visibility, traceability & accountability

For regulatory purposes to ensure accurate duties & taxes, minimize revenue leakage and security risks.

For trade community
Increased convenience and efficiency
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Easy filing

Seamless integrations facilitate early data acquisition and risk assessment ensuring smooth clearances.

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Reduction in compliance cost

Through reuse of and leveraging data from in-house systems.

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Better traceability & predictability

Through real-time tracking.

In good hands
With CrimsonLogic
We're proven.

Tried-&-tested expertise in eCommerce gateways & shipments to North America.

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We’re advanced.

On the cutting edge of customs platforms & technology for seamless systems integration & solutions.

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We’re agile.

Flexible deployment model and architecture. Choose between SaaS and Licenses usage.

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We’re aligned.

To international standards & WCO recommendations as we incorporate eCommerce best practices.

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