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Digital Identity

Equipping citizens with digital identities

A secure digital identity authentication system for citizens and businesses to transact with Government agencies and other third-party service providers.

CrimsonLogic Digital Identity Platform
Seamless and safe
Digital identification for all



The coverage of Digital Identify encompasses all entities, from citizens to businesses, with the ability to manage an Identity’s lifecycle.


Robust ecosystem

Localized, multilingual enabled platform to support diverse communities.


Seamless user experience

Authentication through the OpenID Connect (OIDC) framework eliminates the need for multiple logins and passwords across various systems.


Delegated authorization

Utilizes OAuth 2.0 to grant delegated authorisation, enabling external applications to access a citizen’s digital identity information without revealing any credentials.


Heightened security and transparency

Designed with a focus on security and transparency to ensure the protection of users’ personal information and prevent unauthorized access. The system provides an audit log to prevent misuse.

Everyday transactions,

Equip your users with a Digital Identity to access government services digitally.


Digital Identity employs biometric features to protect user credentials and offers a password-less authentication alternative.

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  1. MyProfile
    A comprehensive digital profile for users to access services provided by the Government or third-party service providers. Thumbnail 2
  2. CorporatePass
    A corporate extension for businesses to manage employees' digital service access, enabling them to carry out tasks like applying for permits and filing taxes. Thumbnail 3
  3. MyNotification
    A secure, in-app messaging service for government agencies to send official notifications and messages which require a higher level of identity verification. Thumbnail 4
  4. Digital signing of documents
    Users can utilise their Digital Identity to electronically sign off on documents, removing the need to be physically present. Thumbnail 5
  5. Mobile-first paradigm
    Designed with a mobile-first approach, users gain access to personalised eServices and have control over their Digital Identity. Thumbnail 6
  6. Delegate
    A digitised workflow that enables users to carry out transactions on behalf of someone else. Thumbnail 7
  7. Digital Identity Card
    Users can perform in-person transactions through the digital versions of their physical cards. Thumbnail 8
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