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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Solidify your cyber-defense with actionable insights

Power up your defense against malicious threat vectors.

CrimsonLogic Cyber Threat Intelligence
Know yourself,
Know your cyber enemies
Obtain customized insights with data collated from the whole internet.

From a multitude of sources such as security advisories, marketplaces, forums and blacklist registries.

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Receive a personalized security profile.

Easily track the progress of your cyber-health and manage risk.

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Non-intrusive, with no integration needed.

Avoid the risks of data exposure and skip waiting for approvals.

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Intelligence for
Greater resilience
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Cyber risk insights report
  • Understand the risk profiles of subsidiaries and third-parties (e.g. vendors, partners, prospects) and how they can impact you.
  • Benchmarked against peers in your industry, for accurate comparisons.
  • Discover your security strengths and flaws.
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Alerts and updates
  • Get notifications on potential threats and eradicate them right away.
  • Receive new, up-to-date information on threat actors, malware families, country studies, and more.
  • Optimize search queries about threat vectors, as and when needed.
  • Manage alert keywords and which user receives what alerts.
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