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Customs Management

Customs operations, innovative solutions.

Our innovative comprehensive solution accelerates customs clearance, fully automates customs operations, efficiently facilitates risk assessment, and enhances revenue collection.

CrimsonLogic Customs Management
Customs operations,

Deep domain experience, high global standards and advanced technology in Customs clearance processes.

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Facilitates risk assessment

Utilizing Integrated Risk Management and plugged into Trade Facilitation Platform, it incorporates principles of Risk Management Processes outlined in the WCO Risk Management Guidelines. This integration minimizes physical inspections and prioritizing AI-powered digital inspections.

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Accelerate customs clearance

Our Integrated and fully automated clearance processes together with an effective risk management system provides a seamless, holistic assessment & control of the cargo while accelerating clearance times and facilitating trade.

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Enhances tax & duty collection

With easy & efficient management of Tariff, harmonized codes, intelligent advisory for misclassifications & under-valued declarations, ease of configurations and compliance to changing policies and regulations enhances revenue collections for Customs.

Efficient customs operations assured

With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, we enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Customs processes for both Govts and Trade Community.

For governments
Enhanced efficiency & improved security


Effective border control

More effective border control with integrated Customs clearance workflow and real-time monitoring of cargo movement.


Efficient & enhanced revenue collection

Efficient and enhanced revenue collection with better compliance, online transactions and payments.


Optimize Customs operations

Optimizes Customs administration efficiency and use of Customs resources by automating all aspects of operations.


Effective detection of illicit goods

Detects illicit goods more effectively thus speeding up clearance of legitimate cargo.

For trade community
Effective & cost saving customs processes


Time & cost savings

Time and cost savings with online declarations.


Speed up cargo clearance

More efficient Customs processes speed up cargo clearance.


Effective risk management

Effective risk management provides traders a secure and consistent environment to operate confidently.


Fast-track clearances

Fast-track clearances through Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) schemes.

In good hands  
With CrimsonLogic
We're proven.

Tried-&-tested expertise in eCommerce gateways & shipments to North America.

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We’re advanced

On the cutting edge of customs platforms & technology for seamless systems integration & solutions.

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We're agile.

Flexible deployment model and architecture. Choose between SaaS and Licenses usage.

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We're aligned.

To international standards & WCO recommendations as we incorporate eCommerce best practices.

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