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Transforming governments, improving lives

We support governments to drive digital transformation through our digital solutions. With our suite of products, governments can create pro-business and pro-citizen environments, strengthening engagements through technology.

Public Tech
Transforming government services
For a better tomorrow
Accelerating government transformation

Our products shorten deployment time and accelerate service launch. Governments worldwide can enhance technological readiness and transform communities with digital for better lives.

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Citizen and business satisfaction

Our products are designed to make government-related processes more convenient and efficient, with a focus on customer experience, putting citizens and businesses at the core.

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More intra-government collaboration

Our products enable seamless services and data-sharing between government agencies. In a world where citizen and business needs are increasingly complex, it’s crucial for agencies to collaborate and tackle challenges from multiple angles.

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Government service delivery,
Empowered. Everywhere.
Public Services Map

• SingPass
• Integrated Business Licensing Platform
• Financial Information System – ACRA

• Monetary Authority of Singapore – SGS Bond Application
• Monetary Authority of Singapore new Corporations and Representatives (CoRe) System

• Tender for the provision of call centre services for Singapore

• National Authentication Framework / eKey

• Fiji Digital Government

• Ghana Online Portal Interface
• eRegistrar

• eStamping
• Citizen Data Vault
• Phidelity Solution for Registrations and Stamps

• Almaty Data Lake

• Mauritius National Identity Scheme

• National Integrated Manpower Register (NIMR) System

• Rwanda Tourism Portal

Sri Lanka
• eDivisional Secretariat

St. Lucia
• Digital Government Platform Consultancy
• St. Lucia DigiGov

Trinidad & Tobago
• DevelopTT
• BizLink

Our solutions
Data eXchange
Simple, seamless, secure data exchange
Digital Compliance
Simplify compliance workflows
Digital Document Security
Secure your digital documents
Digital Identity
Equipping citizens with digital identities
Digital Payment
Enabling digital payment systems
Digital Services
One-stop platform to deliver digital services
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