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Digital Compliance

Simplify compliance workflows

Our powerful and flexible backend solution enables you to easily configure workflows that cater to multiple levels of approvals based on your unique business processes.

Compliance Process Automation
Easy to set up,
Easy to use
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Easy configuration

You can easily set up various stages of approval for your workflow with our comprehensive configuration tool and options.

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Easy collaboration

Our solution makes it easy to work together with different departments within your organization or across organizations.

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Secure communication

We provide a safe and easy way to communicate with your audience.

Streamlined & Flexible
Compliance Processes
Drag-and-drop configuration tool

With our embedded drag-and-drop designer, even non-technical users can easily configure workflows to suit their business needs.

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  1. Streamline approvals with multiple options
    Choose from a range of options, including follow-up requests, approval submission and more. Thumbnail 5
  2. Real-time information and approvals
    Enable users to provide information and recommendations for approval or rejection in real-time. Thumbnail 6
  3. AI-powered recommendations
    We use AI to provide decision-making recommendations. Thumbnail 7
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