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CrimsonLogic Trade Platform (Government)

Trade Facilitation Solutions for Governments

We help governments digitally transform their trade facilitation processes by synergizing with trade ecosystems to engage business communities seamlessly for maximum integration, interoperability and efficiency.

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CrimsonLogic Trade Facilitation Platform at a glance

Combining over 30 years of Trade Facilitation expertise with cutting-edge technology, stay ahead of the curve with our Trade Facilitation Platform.

Cross Border eCommerce
eCommerce clearances, now digitalized.
Customs Management
Customs operations, innovative solutions.
Integrated Risk Management
Revolutionizing risk management solutions.
Single Window
One submission, everything cleared.
In good hands  
With CrimsonLogic
We're proven.

We have over 30 years of experience in global trade facilitation systems with implementation spanning over 20 countries worldwide.

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We're advanced.

We have a well-defined roadmap that includes continuous technological enhancements, incorporating AI and Machine Learning into our solutions, aligning seamlessly with the evolving trade landscape.

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We're agile.

We design our systems for collaborative development & self-administration, empowering users to enhance the modules autonomously.

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We're aligned.

We develop ready-to-deploy system which reduces time & effort, with a single core product base and self-serving capabilities, reducing maintenance & operating costs.

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