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Revolutionising ocean freight management

Digitally book and manage ocean freight services through a cloud-based platform with over 80 ocean carriers globally.

Manage all ocean freight needs 
On one platform

Best of all, all integration types are supported – which means no additional effort from you!


Connect to more than 80 ocean carriers

Work with your preferred carrier and access essential supply chain support services.


360º cargo visibility with an all-in-one dashboard

View and manage every stage of your ocean freight shipment.


Boost productivity with inter-connected modules

Access multiple functionalities on one platform for greater convenience.


Plan and achieve carbon emission goals

Calculate estimated end-to-end carbon emissions with carbon footprint calculator.


Get access to world class features and functionalities. 
"CrimsonLogic Logistics provides us with the convenience to do everything on one platform. The system guides you through every step, so you won’t miss a thing."

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Get started 
In less than 3 weeks

Our world-class customer success teams will get you up and running in no time.

Step 1 
2–60 working days

Carrier request
  • Carrier definite timeline.
  • BCO support advisable.

Step 2 
1–2 working days

Carrier approval
  • Platform support to inform customer solution team.

Step 3 
2–3 working days

CrimsonLogic Logistics account setup mapping
  • Account mapping to CrimsonLogic Logistics.
  • User login setup.
  • FlexiAlert setup.

Step 4 
1 working day

User training
  • Hands-on user acceptance training.
  • Provide user guide.

Step 5 
5–10 working days

Start transacting
  • Post boarding support.


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