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Data eXchange

Simple, seamless, secure data exchange

Data eXchange helps governments enhance data governance to better serve citizens. With our platform, governments can easily manage shared data and streamline information exchange in a secure and effective way.

Data Exchange Platform
We connect organisations
Through data

Data eXchange connects multiple organizations and streamlines data exchange activities centrally through the platform, ensuring easy and secure access to all data.

Data Exchange Platform Diagram
A hub-and-spoke architecture
To connect organizations and build network ecosystems
Standardized data sharing model

Organizations adopt common data standards to share or retrieve data. This creates simplified and seamless workflows across each ecosystem, which encourages more data sharing among organisations.

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Share data quickly and easily

Each hub captures a particular data only once. The data can then be used by various organizations, saving them time and manpower.

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Access quality data, anytime and anywhere

Data from multiple contributors form a 360° view and is synchronized in the main hubs as the single source of truth. This enables data to be consistent and available 24/7.

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World-class data management
With Data eXchange


Centralize data management

Organizations access a single platform for all data needs, ensuring data consistency.


Ensure data integrity and security

Data privacy governance and security are enhanced with centralized data management.


Simplify data exchange

Standardized protocols are used for data sharing to promote common data standards.


Grow data ecosystems

Connect organizations and empower them to share data with one another for greater insights.


Host the platform anywhere

Get maximum flexibility in deployment: host on commercial / private cloud or your organization’s on-premise data centre.


Enable speedy data sharing

Make information exchange fast, easy and secure for all.

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