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Singapore TradeNet®

The TradeNet® system has been in operation and serving the Singapore trading community since 1989. All 100% of the trade declarations are submitted and processed electronically via the TradeNet® system. The Government had also mandated the electronic submission of trade declarations.

Through TradeNet®, over 10 million trade permit applications are processed annually, with 90% processed within minutes, and approximately 100,000 certificates of origin are issued yearly via TradeNet®.


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Key insights
Integrate Procedures

Integrates import, export and transshipment documentation processing procedures.

Monitor & Enforce

Monitor the movement of goods and enforce health, safety, and other regulatory requirements.

Reduce Time & Cost

Reduces the cost and time to prepare, submit and process trade documents.

Expedite Clearance

Expedites the clearance of cargo and allows fees and taxes to be deducted electronically.



In the mid-1980s, the Singapore government made a strategic decision to streamline the processes within the regulatory framework of trade permit approvals. The goal was to bolster Singapore's established trade hub status and enhance external trade. Special committees, comprising high-powered government officials and business leaders, were established to garner ample support for utilizing information technology (IT) in the re-engineering and improvement of the trade regulatory framework and associated processes. Notably, Brigadier General Lee Hsien Loong (now the Prime Minister of Singapore), chaired the review committees responsible for approving the plans and overseeing their implementation.

Commencing with the involvement of a few government agencies in 1989, the Singapore TradeNet® System has evolved to provide the trading community with an electronic means of submitting trade documents to all relevant government authorities (including Singapore Customs and controlling agencies). This submission occurs through a unified electronic window. Within minutes of submitting the permit application, traders receive an electronic response, either approving or rejecting the application. The response includes detailed information on approval conditions or the reasons for rejection.

TradeNet® was established with the following key objectives:
i.    Reduce the cost of trade documentation.
ii.    Decrease turnaround time for trade documentation. 
iii.    Enhance processing efficiencies for authorities through a streamlined process flow. 
iv.    Foster operational efficiency and transparency to attract foreign direct investment.

TradeNet®, the world's first nationwide electronic trade documentation system, has been recognized as a significant contribution to Singapore's pro-business environment. It enhances efficiency and reduces business costs for the Singapore trading community through the innovative use of advanced technology.



With only one electronic document required, clearance efficiency is increased exponentially.

Before TradeNet®
After TradeNet®

Processing time/permit

2 – 7 days

1 min or less

Fees charged

S$10 – S$20


Number of documents

3 – 35 docs

1 eForm/eDoc

Documents processed

approx. 10,000

> 30,000

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