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As CEO of GeTS (a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic), Kok Keong is responsible for all business operations, including setting the direction and strategy of the company. GeTS is a global leading trade and supply chain orchestration platform company, enabling the coordination of physical logistics, compliance and financial requirements of trade and supply chain seamlessly, smartly and securely. He also double-hats as CrimsonLogic ACEO, where he heads the Trade Compliance Business to drive solutions to empower governments and businesses to capture new values in global trade.

Kok Keong joined CrimsonLogic in 2006 as Vice President of the eGovernment Business Division, the unit that encompasses solutions & consulting, business development, business planning & international operations, and alliance management. During this tour of duty, the company experienced strong growth especially in overseas business, with major project wins such as eJudiciary project in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window.

He then assumed the role of Senior Vice President, where he took charge of developing and implementing the company’s strategic plans. He was tasked to oversee the functions of Planning & Alliance, Corporate Communications and Corporate Legal and played the key role in managing the cross-functional structure of the organization. With the goal of establishing CrimsonLogic as the preferred eGovernment solutions company, he sharpened the company’s strategic position in partnering governments to develop and sustain viable solutions.

Prior to joining CrimsonLogic, Kok Keong held various key positions in Singapore Trade Development Board (TDB) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between 1997 and 1999, he was TDB’s director for the Hanoi Centre in Vietnam. Concurrently, he was appointed as the First Secretary (Commercial) for the Singapore Embassy in Vietnam. In these two roles, he was responsible for strengthening Singapore-Vietnam’s economic relations and promoting business alliances between the two countries. During this period, Singapore was Vietnam’s top investor and trading partner.

In 1996, Kok Keong spearheaded a cross-departmental task force to develop Singapore's international marketing plan. One of the recommendations that were implemented successfully was to leverage on internet technologies to promote Singapore to the world.

Kok Keong holds a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and an Honours degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. He was also awarded the Government scholarship in 1999 to further his studies in INSEAD (France) where he obtained his Masters degree in Business Administration.

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