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Our diverse range of 


Mass Tech
  1. CrimsonLogic Property Exchange Service

    One-Stop Property Case Management: a one-stop case management portal for easy collaboration and document exchange in conveyancing transactions.

  2. CrimsonLogic Provident & Tax Service

    Streamline Payroll Management: a convenient solution for HR practitioners to effectively handle monthly CPF and yearly IRAS submissions for employees.

  3. CrimsonLogic Integrated Requisition Service

    Conveyancing Made Easy: a one-stop portal for lawyers to easily send legal requisitions to government agencies and submit requests to MCSTs for certificates.

  4. CrimsonLogic Digital Signing Service

    Secure & Trusted Digital Signing Service: we use advanced identification technology to create a safe ecosystem for data, records, transactions and documents, enabling secure information and data exchange for greater peace-of-mind.

Public Tech
  1. CrimsonLogic Digital Services Platform

    One-stop platform to deliver digital services. A versatile platform which delivers digital services for citizens and businesses across private and public sectors.

  2. CrimsonLogic Data Exchange Platform

    The CrimsonLogic Data Exchange Platform (DXP) helps governments enhance data governance to better serve citizens. With our platform, governments can easily manage shared data and streamline information exchange in a secure and effective way.

  3. CrimsonLogic Process Automation

    Our powerful and flexible backend solution enables you to easily configure workflows that cater to multiple levels of approvals based on your unique business processes.

  4. CrimsonLogic Business Registration & Licensing

    A one-stop platform for governments and businesses to digitally manage registration and licenses, making it easier for businesses to comply with regulations and focus on growing their businesses.

  5. CrimsonLogic Digital Payment Platform

    We enable digital payment systems, providing access to a centralized payment platform for governments to easily manage payment processing, reconciliation, and reporting.

  6. Digital Identity Platform

    Equipping citizens with digital identities. A secure digital identity authentication system for citizens and businesses to transact with Government agencies and other third-party service providers.

Legal Tech
  1. CrimsonLogic Practice Management System

    Digitally connecting citizens with lawyers, we aim to expand access to legal services while enhancing case management efficiency and customer reach within the legal community.

  2. CrimsonLogic eLitigation

    A digital judiciary case management platform that widens access to justice, speeds up case resolutions, and brings convenience to citizens, legal professionals, and agencies.

  3. CrimsonLogic eFiling

    One-Stop Legal Filing Portal: Give stakeholders a clear view of case status and materials, all in one place, and file and retrieve documents anytime, anywhere.

  4. CrimsonLogic eNotary

    Notarize securely on the go, with assurance and access to high-security features for critical digital documents.

  5. CrimsonLogic Dispute Resolution Platform

    Resolve legal disputes online while reaching collaborative settlements without the need for face-to-face meetings. Streamline the conflict resolution process for arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution.