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CrimsonLogic Trade Facilitation Platform at a glance

Combining over 30 years of Trade Facilitation expertise with cutting-edge technology, stay ahead of the curve with our Trade Facilitation Platform.

CrimsonLogic Single Window

An intelligent one stop facility for information exchange between traders and government agencies involved in international trade.


  1. CrimsonLogic Permits & Licences

    A modern and intelligent solution for Traders and OGAs (Other Governmental Agencies) to submit, process & issue trade permits or LPCO (License, Permits, Certificates and Others) electronically.

  2. CrimsonLogic Customs Management

    A comprehensive fully automated system for managing all aspects of customs clearance processes & operations such as import, export, transit, transhipment, free zone etc. and in accordance with relevant legislations & best practices.

  3. CrimsonLogic Trade Visualisation

    Provides a 360 view of the trade performance. By displaying key performance indicators, it promotes better understanding of trends and leads to faster, improved decision making; and more effective policies / strategies.

  4. CrimsonLogic Free Trade Zone

    Used by Free Zone Authorities or Operators to manage & administer the free zone operations and to facilitate exchange of regulatory compliance information between FTZ Authority, Users, Traders, Customs and other stakeholders. 

  5. CrimsonLogic Maritime Single Window

    Provides a single portal access to document submission for port clearance, in compliance with IMO FAL Convention.

In good hands 
With CrimsonLogic
We're proven.

We have over 30 years of experience in global trade facilitation systems with implementation spanning over 20 countries worldwide.

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We're advanced.

We have a well-defined roadmap that includes continuous technological enhancements, incorporating AI and Machine Learning into our solutions, aligning seamlessly with the evolving trade landscape.

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We're agile.

We design our systems for collaborative development & self-administration, empowering users to enhance the modules autonomously.

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We're aligned.

We develop ready-to-deploy system which reduces time & effort, with a single core product base and self-serving capabilities, reducing maintenance & operating costs.

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