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As Head of Group Technology at CrimsonLogic, Fendy leads a robust team of problem-solvers in the Architecture & Framework Group—technologists who are execution-focused and results-oriented.

Fendy initiated his career with CrimsonLogic as a Software Engineer in 2003. Subsequently, he broadened his professional horizons at Barclays Investment Bank, accumulating eight years of experience in a Software Development Lead role. His subsequent 3-year stint in PayPal enabled him to gain insightful knowledge in managing a technology team in a Fintech firm. Following this, he dedicated the next five years to Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of Singapore leading strategic data initiatives as Programme Manager and Director of Data Solution and Engineering. In this capacity, he spearheaded a team responsible for formulating Solutions, Business Intelligence, and Data Stewardship. Fendy played a crucial role in guiding thought leadership in change governance for data and analytics applications.

Returning to CrimsonLogic in 2022 as a change leader, Fendy now plays a crucial role in shaping organizational strategies in technology. His focus encompasses architecture, data, user experience, enterprise services and innovation. As a people-oriented leader, he oversees the development of the Technology team through career planning, coaching and mentoring.

Fendy holds a Bachelor of Computing with Honors in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore. As a proactive, motivated, and dynamic professional, Fendy possesses unparalleled knowledge of the finer technical aspects of getting IT systems to aid business outcomes.

Fendy Phan
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