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Rebecca is Chief People Officer at CrimsonLogic and a seasoned human resource (HR) leader with more than two decades of experience across diverse regions and industries. With a passion for unlocking human potential, Rebecca brings a wealth of expertise in shaping organizational culture, fostering talent development, and aligning HR strategies with broader business goals.

In Rebecca's current role as Chief People Officer, she is at the helm of CrimsonLogic's people-centric strategy, overseeing all aspects of human resources to ensure alignment with the company's growth objectives. Rebecca’s extensive experience, coupled with a unique cross-industry perspective, enriches her approach to talent management and people development as she strives to create a culture of collaboration, innovation and inclusivity within CrimsonLogic.

Rebecca's HR career includes stints at Thomson Reuters as Head of HR (Southeast Asia) and Elsevier as HR Director (Greater China, Southeast Asia and Australia), amongst others. This deep and diverse experience has honed Rebecca's ability to navigate complex human capital challenges with finesse, making her well-placed as a trusted advisor to senior executives.

Holding certifications as a Certified Personality Profiler and EQ Assessor, Rebecca possesses a unique skill set for harnessing emotional intelligence and individual strengths to foster a harmonious and productive work environment. Her approach to HR extends beyond traditional practices, incorporating cutting-edge methodologies that empower employees to thrive personally and professionally.

Rebecca holds a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, and a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics from the National University of Singapore.

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