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As Deputy Chief Financial Officer at CrimsonLogic, Sharon Tan leads financial strategies and operations with a solutions-focused approach.

Within CrimsonLogic, Sharon oversees the comprehensive financial landscape, implementing robust financial management systems, controls, and processes. She plays a pivotal role in optimizing financial performance, increasing productivity, and enhancing internal controls. In addition, Sharon is known for her people-oriented approach, fostering a collaborative environment within the finance organization. She is dedicated to developing her team into trusted finance business partners, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships and aligning financial initiatives with the company's objectives. Sharon's commitment to both financial excellence and cultivating a team-oriented culture underscores her role as a strategic leader, contributing significantly to CrimsonLogic's overall success.

With a distinguished career spanning over 26 years, she has consistently demonstrated expertise in financial and operational management, collaborating closely with senior business and finance executives to drive organizational success. Throughout her career, Sharon has held prominent roles in notable organizations, including more than 22 years at IBM. She has a proven track record of documented contributions, showcasing her ability to lead teams towards financial excellence.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences in Economics and European Studies from the National University of Singapore.

Sharon Tan
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